Little Mix's latest track will 'Move' you -- arms, legs, booty, whatever!

It's pretty much guaranteed to get you out of your seat and movin' and groovin'. The ladies have taken a leap forward with their song, while wearing platform shoes and short skirts, of course! They're having a dance party and you're invited, so scratch your name off that guest list.

To preface, Little Mix's Perrie Edwards said, "The new album is a step up. It’s more R&B and mature. It’s just cooler."

'Move' is certainly a fuller, richer and more complex girl group song. It crackles with anthemic energy and buoyant beats, and boasts cheerleader-y harmonies.

When the ladies all sing together in concert, "Feeling like it's my birthday / Like Christmas Day came early," the song really takes flight.

If the song takes off on the radio, it could be what helps the ladies break in America, which has always been a key goal for them. It's one of those songs that you want to listen to while working out. You might even find yourself grabbing the hairbrush and singing in the mirror. It's bouncy and fun, which is part and parcel of Little Mix's sound.

The ladies of Little Mix really can sing, and they don't rely on all the production and studio treatments to make their points. Their voices do all the work.

There is an R&B undercurrent, as Edwards suggested, in the music, and the ladies come together like Destiny's Child in that they all can sing and they do so with sass! The last 40 seconds are pretty epic, too!

You will be moved.


Listen to Little Mix, 'Move'