You had burning questions for Cash Money member Jay Sean -- and we asked them! The British singer chatted with PopCrush today (Monday, July 30) and his souljas (aka fans) via Twitter. By using the hashtag #TeamJaySean, Sean was able to answer as many fan questions as he could. We got a few in as well.

Check out some of his answers below (in bold), which include his favorite Beyonce song and what he looks for in a girl. And be sure to take notes!

@Dilraj_JaySean: @jaysean Whats ya fav animal?? #TeamJaySean
@jaysean: Chimpanzee

@Hitmehardfreaky: @jaysean Do you think girls should have attitude? ;) #TeamJaySean
@jaysean: Just not a bad one;)

@Mrs_JaySean: @jaysean What’s your favorite TV show? #TeamJaySean
@jaysean: The uk office

@khuzaima101: @jaysean #TeamJaySean WHAT ARE YOU WEARING RIGHT NOW ?

@Mrs_JaySean: @jaysean Do you think that you got to your top as a singer? Or Are you still learning? #TeamJaySean
@jaysean: Always learning!

@Mrs_JaySean: @jaysean If you could be a cartoon character, which character will you be? #TeamJaySean
@jaysean: Homer simpson

@JaySeanxChicken: @jaysean u wud prefer an intellegent girl or a pretty one? #TeamJaySean
@jaysean: Someone whos pretty intelligent lol

@RaffySean: @jaysean fave beyonce song? #TeamJaySean
@jaysean: Smash into u

@WorthItAllJay1D: Who has motivated you for abs? lol @jaysean #TeamJaySean
@jaysean: Rocky (sylvester Stallone) eversince i was a fat kid

@mahnoorkhan55: @jaysean Is it true that you once went to @zaynmalik's school before he was famous and got him to sing? #TeamJaySean
@jaysean: Yup

@popcrush: Hey @jaysean, want to know: What do you look for in a girl? #TeamJaySean
@jaysean: Fun. Laughter. Pretty face..ok n hot bod lol

@HarpreetKhinda: @JaySean if u could change one thing about the music industry what wud it be? #TeamJaySean
@jaysean: No originality.copycat music

@JAYDEDSOULJA06: @jaysean what were your first words u said as a baby? #TeamJaySean
@jaysean: Probably "down" lol

@KinzFreezeTime: @jaysean #teamjaysean fave video you've filmed so far?
@jaysean: My new one "so high" its unbelievable

@Shradz101: Are you a morning person or a night person? @JaySean #TeamJaySean ♥
@jaysean: Night

@AvocadoHippie: @jaysean: Are you a fan of coffee? :) #TeamJaySean
@jaysean: Gettin one right now!!

@Jaspika: @jaysean Beach side or country side? #teamjaysean
@jaysean: Beach

@mrsjaysheezy: @jaysean what do u eat as ur breakfast in the morning? #teamjaysean
@jaysean: Protein shake,oatmeal, eggs

@Dilraj_JaySean: @jaysean When was the last time you got drunk? #TeamJaySean
@jaysean: Sat night

@thatonepakigurl: @jaysean Are you in the US right now? #TeamJaySean
@jaysean: Yea newyork !

@banshri90: @jaysean If your mum saw sex 101 what would she say? #TeamJaySean
@jaysean: She did she thinks its awesome!

@I_Heart_JaySean: @jaysean last movie you cried at? #TeamJaySean
@jaysean: The help lol

@LaVie009: @jaysean how many kicks do you have? more than a woman?#TeamJaySean
@jaysean: About 300

@zareenahaq: @jaysean what's your favourite sport??? #teamjaysean
@jaysean: Basketball

@banshri90: @jaysean How many times do you go to the gym? #TeamJaySean
@jaysean: 6days a week

@manpreet5: @jaysean what 2 things can you not leave the house without? :) #TeamJaySean
@jaysean: Iphone, wallet!

@popcrush: .@jaysean, what was it like working with Tyga on 'Sex 101'? #TeamJaySean
@jaysean: Great! He's dope! Chek the vid!

@popcrush: .@jaysean, Who is featured on your album besides @Tyga and @Pitbull? #TeamJaySean
@jaysean: Secret!!

@jaysean: My wonderful souljas, it was great chatting with u! Thnx for all ur q's possible to answer all of u! But love u all!!! Studio now!

Watch the Jay Sean 'Sex 101' Video