Lorde is learning that fame can be a royal(s) pain.

The Kiwi singer has gone on record before and ended up being called out for things she said about her now-bestie Taylor Swift and and T. Swizzle's reportedly estranged bestie Selena Gomez, even if they were somewhat misconstrued.

Lorde has once again publicly blasted someone, this time an E! reporter who contacted the singer's boyfriend to quietly grill him about a possible engagement since Lorde was --get this, guys!! -- wearing a ring.

Lorde was uber reactionary and funny.

In a now-deleted tweet posted on Sunday (March 16), Lorde wrote: "You have officially hit the big time when creeps from e think wearing rings means getting married." She even posted the reporter's note to her BF.

The reporter, who, to be fair, was just doing her job, wrote the following inquiry to James K. Lowe, Lorde's BF. Gossip Cop reports that it reads:

Hi, James, not sure if you remember me from back in December, but my name is Maureen and I'm writing to you from E! News and E! Entertainment Television in Los Angeles. I hope you're having a great Friday so far! There are some new photographs of Lorde out today wearing what appears to be a diamond ring on her ring finger. Are you two engaged? Thank you in advance for anything you can share and congratulations if true!

An E! rep told Newsday that "It's our policy to fact check before we run a story," pointing to the journalistic practice of verifying info with sources. Any further info was not confirmed.

Lorde has been seen wearing rings, since, you know, they are fashionable accessories, and her rep told E! on March 10 that Lorde, 17, and Lowe, 24, are not betrothed.

She is still a baby! Stop trying to rush her down the altar, peeps. But it is obvious Lorde doesn't like some of the trappings of fame, like the constant prying into her personal life.