Days after sharing an unretouched photo, celebrating her flaws, Lorde covers the May 2014 issue of Fashion, the Canadian mag, looking glam in gold, textured dress with voluminous sleeves. She also showed her humble side, eschewing the notion that she is a musical genius!

First, can we talk about the photo? With her deep, sideswept part, Lorde is gorgeous and natural. She is known for her vampy, matte, berry-stained lips. But the minimal look suits her here; plus, she doesn't need her lipstick to compete with her hair or her dress, since those are the visual centerpieces of the image.

Now, about the fact that she doesn't see herself as a musical genius?! Well, she just doesn't.

She addressed the comments that she is like a musical Sylvia Plath. If you are unfamiliar, Plath was a confessional poet, who let her life play out in her works, like Lorde's BFF Taylor Swift, only Plath battled deep depression and committed suicide.

"Never for a second would I put myself beside a genius like Sylvia Plath!," Lorde said. "I may have specific tastes but I’m not trying to be avant-garde with my approach or my music. I like indie [rock], pop and literature. I like to play with them but that doesn’t make me a genius."

She also called author Tobias Wolff her "hero" for creating perfectly formed sentences and paragraphs and paying attention to word selection."

That's the brainy side of Lorde. But she also does put thought into her look.

Regarding her fashion choices, she has a preference for menswear, which is a hot trend in 2014. "Jackets and pants are my power clothes," the 'Royals' singer said. "I agree with Annie Lennox when she said, 'Wearing a suit is like wearing armour.' I wore pants and a shirt at the Grammys because it made me feel confident. I remember looking at early photos of Patti Smith when she was wearing those men’s shirts she chopped off at the sleeve. That, to me, is the strongest look in the world."

No girly femme ruffles for Lorde and that's ok!

She also performs in similar fashion – literally. "A lot of my stage clothes are suits, jackets and trousers that come from designers like Philip Lim and Stella McCartney," Lorde said. "I’m a fan of Céline and Comme Des Garçons too because the clothes don’t look contrived and they don’t look like they are trying too hard."

Lorde continues to do things her way – onstage, in her music and with her clothes.

The issue drops April 14.