UPDATE: Lorde apologized for the insensitive post via her Instagram story. See a screenshot at the end of this post.

In a since deleted Instagram post, Lorde seemingly made fun of Whitney Houston's death by posting a photo of a bathtub with the caption “And iiii will always love you.” Or so thinks the Internet.

The "location" of the alleged photo was "Day Off," so the young pop star probably didn't mean to offend with the caption—she simply loves taking baths—but, come on, if you thought about what you were publishing for one second, you would realize this post was not in good taste.

The legendary diva tragically passed away on February 11, 2012, found unconscious and submerged in the bath tub of Suite 434 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles.

Haters have taken to Twitter to air their concerns about the insensitive post, many saying Lorde is completely disrespectful and "canceled," while fans defend the "Green Light" singer, believing it was not her intention to make fun of Houston's death with the post. Take a look at some reactions below.

Lorde's apology:


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