Despite reports that Homer and Marge were going to split in the 27th season of the The Simpsons, the couple has come out to say that they are as strong as ever.

Sitting in lush pink chairs, Marge and "Homie" cleared up the speculations that Simpsons executive producer Al Jean told Variety over a week ago about their supposed separation. But it looks like it was all news to her husband.

"The story was first reported on CNN," Marge explained to Homer. "Then the real news started reporting it all over the world."

After wondering why people thought they were going to break up, Homer repeated that it wasn't true. "Now listen here," Homer said, "Margie and I are solid as a rock. I mean, if she didn't dump me when I nearly slept with the doughnut lady..."

After Marge cut him off, the camera pans out a bit and shows a sign above them saying "Together Forever" and Maggie dressed as cupid being lowered from the ceiling. And while Homer thought it would be a nice and romantic gesture to get down on one knee, Maggie accidentally shoots her dad in the eye with the plunger arrow, ending the skit on a signature slapstick note.

So there you have it folks. Homer and Marge are going to be together in the new season. And even though the show's Twitter account already made that announcement, it's always good to hear it from the source.

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