Canadian pop-punkers Marianas Trench recently released their third full-length album, 'Ever After,' and their latest single 'Fallout' tells a story of heartbreak, as one person struggles to get over somebody who has already moved on.

The track may have a somber tone, but the way fans react to the song is just the opposite, as evidenced in this live footage of Marianas Trench performing at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto in February 2012.

Amidst a crowd of over 9,000 shrieking fans, Marianas Trench frontman Joshua Ramsay can hardly be seen as he belts out the opening lyrics to 'Fallout.' Not until the hook, "I know you're fine, but what do I do," do we get to see Ramsay emerge from the sea of waving hands. The quartet then breaks into the chorus of the song, and we catch a glimpse of their stage setup, which reflects the theme of the concept album: Think Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland' meets a creepier version of 'Babes in Toyland.'

Donning military-inspired jackets, the members of Marianas Trench deliver flawless instrumentation and backing vocals as Ramsay (who is rocking some amazing red, skin-tight pants) works the crowd, becoming one with the fans as he sings the band's epic 'Ever After' track. This live footage of Marianas Trench really gives an overall impression of their live concerts, and after watching, we're dying to catch one of their shows!

Check out the video of Marianas Trench performing 'Fallout' below. If you like what you hear, be sure to head over to iTunes to download a copy of 'Ever After' in order to take in Marianas Trench full vision behind the song.

Watch Marianas Trench Perform 'Fallout' Live