We're all about getting to know all things Matthew Koma.

When we first sat down with the "So F--kin' Romantic" singer-songwriter, he told us about jet-setting and DJing across the globe, hitting the recording studio with the likes of everyone from Britney Spears to Shania Twain and dreaming of opening his very own oatmeal shop. Yesterday, learned about his firsts — from his first smooch to his first concert. And today, he's telling us all about his favorites.

From his favorite beverage ("If I didn't have coffee, you wouldn't have me") to his favorite LA spot, to the songs currently on repeat at the moment (shout out to you, Dawes!), Koma details all of the things that inspire (and sustain) him.

Favorite movie? That Thing You Do. Most inspirational book? Perks of Being A Wallflower. Favorite artist to work with? Bruce Springsteen. That's not even mentioning the talk of zombies, ghosts and what happens in the afterlife. And, of course, he dishes on his favorite overnight oats. Someone get him that oatmeal shop already.

Watch up top, and check out Koma's firsts below.

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