Matthew Koma and The Knocks are just looking for their Taylor Swift, you know? And in some ways, aren't we all?

Well, maybe not. But their track "I Wish (My Taylor Swift)" finds them searching for their own version of the 1989 superstar, and the music video follows suit.

The video includes a host of creepy visuals — namely the robotic Taylor Swift lookalikes that appear in Koma’s apartment once he wakes up in the morning. Since this is a music video and not real life, he doesn’t object to these dead-eyed invaders — because what fun would that be?

As it turns out, though, Koma’s ideal Taylor Swift is actually someone he briefly made eye contact with the night before: A girl who wears a purple wig, a Knocks jacket and looks nothing like Taylor Swift at all.

With lyrics like, "I wish I could find my Taylor Swift / Be bad as hell, take no one's sh---t / She'd be the boss and so legit," the track is clearly meant as a compliment to the biggest pop act in the world. But according to The Knocks’ James Patterson, that's exactly why the electronic duo had some reservations about recording it at first.

He said (via MTV), "We were both kind of hesitant, like, a song about Taylor Swift? That’s kind of weird. We tend to keep away from too much pop culture stuff.”

But the song was too good to pass up. Patterson continued, "The song was just too good. At the end of the day Taylor Swift is kind of a metaphor for a bigger picture thing. It’s about living your dreams.”

Watch the music video for "I Wish (My Taylor Swift)" above.

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