Since we last heard from 8-year-old YouTube rap star MattyB, he's apparently learned to drive! Oh, and he became best buds with Vanilla Ice, too. In his latest rap overdub, the determined shortstack rapper tackles the 1990 hit, 'Ice Ice Baby,' alongside Mr. Vanilla himself.

Against a straight-out-of-the-'90s screen, Matty and Ice rap the words to the famous cold front track. Meanwhile, in a different scene, the elementary school superstar hops into a car that's definitely not his, ready to cruise the streets and pick up some little ladies.

While Matty is out with his boys in black and white and ultra bright colors, up walks a much cooler version of himself sporting a bright yellow polo and a cell phone. He shakes off the guys and heads straight for the girls, and before we know it, he's got them dancing in the streets.

This video is the bomb diggity, if you catch our drift. Our favorite part is when Vanilla picks up MattyB and throws him over his shoulder, reminding us that, oh yeah, he's just a little kid with a lot of skill.

Watch the MattyB and Vanilla Ice 'Ice Ice Baby' Video

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