If you thought Sarah Paulson's American Horror Story: Hotel character was unhinged, try sending the actress a nasty tweet.

Last night (December 16), as part of Jimmy Kimmel Live!'s increasingly hostile "Mean Tweets" segment, a group of stars gathered to read nasty professions cast by nameless cowards with Twitter accounts — among them, Paulson, who was told via tweet that "Sarah Paulson is annoying when she yells... or cries... or talks... or exists." Most featured celebrities might laugh at this, or concede and feign humility with "I guess you're not wrong," but she takes it in a different direction.

"Bite me, motherf-----, that's how I feel about that," Paulson says to camera after reading the message. "You can bite me in the f------ a---hole." True needlepoint potential! Who's got a pillow in need of a little flair?

Also featured: Someone telling Julia Louis-Dreyfus she's too old to be an actor, someone calling Elizabeth Banks a whore (that's seriously it) and someone telling Kirsten Dunst to consider elective orthodontia because her teeth look like "Tic Tacs throwing up gang signs."

Oh, and this is fun: "Julianna Margulies is one of the finest ugly women I have seen." Clever! What local improv class do you suppose @txchukwu just completed?

Check out the clip above to see more, including whose face was likened to distressed denim.

Let's all delete our Twitter accounts immediately.

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