Melanie Amaro's infectious new single 'Long Distance' might be the best song she's released since she won Season 1 of 'X Factor.'

Boasting production from Christopher "Tricky" Stewart and Bonnie McKee (among others), 'Long Distance' features string-heavy pop instrumentation that complements Amaro's stellar voice without overshadowing it. The track sounds current but doesn't try too hard to follow the latest trends.

Amaro sings about one of the few joys of a long-distance relationship — waiting to hear your sweetheart's voice on the other end of the phone: "And I want you here with me / When I hear your answering machine / The sound of your voice / Can’t live without you / I can’t sleep at all / And I’m crazy for your long distance call."

'Long Distance' is already available on iTunes and should appear on Amaro's upcoming debut album, along with previous releases 'Don't Fail Me Now' and 'Love Me Now.' Fans won't have to wait long to see Amaro's first live performance of the song. She's set to return to 'X Factor' to sing 'Long Distance' on Thursday, Dec. 6.

Listen to Melanie Amaro, 'Long Distance'