Melanie Amaro is hard at work on her debut album, and she has an awesome team on hand to help.

Amaro revealed to Billboard that she has four or five tracks done for her highly anticipated debut. The 'X Factor' winner says the album will have a mix of upbeat pop as well as the power ballads that made her a star. Amaro hasn't written any of the songs on the album, but is rumored to be working with top-tier songsters to make her album something fans can relate to.

"I look for songs that are connected to real life scenarios -- love songs, breakups, getting hurt, finding the strength to keep on pushing in life," she told Billboard. So who's she working with? She won't reveal the songwriting team she has on hand! Her explanation? "I want to keep it a surprise." Fair enough!

There's no timeline for the release just yet, and we shouldn't expect it too soon -- during 'X Factor,' Amaro's mentor Simon Cowell flat out said that the winner should spend at least six months working on the record before releasing it. "There might be a single," Amaro said, but then added, in her typical mysterious fashion, "I like to keep it all a surprise."