Melanie Amaro took home the title of the first season of 'X Factor' here in the states, but we haven't heard too much from her since. Her powerhouse voice took a backseat to some heavy duty production in her first singles, 'Respect' and 'Don't Fail Me Now,' but on 'Love Me Now,' a new track released last night (Aug. 16), Amaro is back in the spotlight.

The song is a midtempo ballad and a better fit for Amaro's larger-than-life voice than its predecessors. The song has a bit of a minimalist beat and production, allowing her vocals to shine.

And shine she does: "Boy, drop the world and love me now," Amaro commands. She wants her man to stop wasting time and enjoy time with her while they have it. She knows what she wants when she wants it, singing, "Hurry up boy, you're waiting too long / Listen to the urgency in this tone." That's the beauty of 'Love Me Now' -- you can actually hear that urgency in Amaro's voice.

There's still no timetable for a release date for Amaro's debut album, but at least we're hearing a little bit more from her. As for what we can expect from her first full-length record? “I look for songs that are connected to real life scenarios — love songs, breakups, getting hurt, finding the strength to keep on pushing in life,” she said. As for anything else, Amaro kept it mysterious, saying only, "I like to keep it all a surprise!"

Listen to Melanie Amaro, 'Love Me Now'