Melissa Joan Hart's son is dating a girl named Sabrina.

The 48-year-old actress, who has Mason, 18, Braydon, 16, and 11-year-old Tucker with husband Mark Wilkerson,- starred in the title role of classic 1990s sitcom Sabrina, the Teenage Witch and has now revealed that her eldest is dating a girl with the same uncommon moniker.

She told Page Six: "My oldest one just got his pilot’s license and his first girlfriend, it’s all happening. Her name is Sabrina! It's not a common name, at least in North America."

But the former Melissa and Joey star found herself in a situation where she was calling out Sabrina's name in an attempt to get her attention at a public event recently and worried people would think she was "insane" if they had heard her calling out the name of her of her most famous character, although she is ultimately pleased with her son's choice of girlfriend.

She said: "The other day at prom, I was trying to get her attention and calling out, ‘Sabrina!’ People must have thought I was insane.

"But he bought me flowers for Valentine’s Day so that can’t be bad. I can’t hate on the girlfriend when she’s helping him make good decisions!"

The Clarissa Explains It All star then admitted that she has got "bigger kids, bigger problems" now that her children are older as she recalled that "zero to five years" seemed to go by much slower than when compared to how fast time has passed since.

She said: "I’ve got one graduating [high school], two driving now. So bigger kids, bigger problems. I tell all the young parents out there, zero to five [years] takes forever, and then after five… What the hell happened? It’s kind of like that saying, ‘The days are long, years are short.’ Man is it true!”

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