On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' last night, 'X Factor' judge Paula Abdul dropped a bombshell about her past and revealed that crooner Michael Bolton was her babysitter when she was 7 years old. True story. And yes, it's that Michael Bolton. The singer, not the 'Office Space' dude!

Okay, well there is a better explanation about their relationship as youngsters. Bolton was not making popcorn and watching scary movies with Abdul while her parents were out dining and seeing a film at the theater. He wasn't there to make sure she was tucked under the covers of her bed by 11PM. It wasn't a traditional babysitting situation.

Bolton appeared on the late night talk show via Skype after his concert in South Dakota to better explain his role as Abdul's babysitter. "I don't know what she's talking about," Bolton joked. "We were hanging out with Wendy, her sister, and we couldn't leave her alone." So he was looking after Abdul by default of sorts.

Bolton said "I don't remember you being that much of a brat!" and admitted that Abdul was an adorable kid. He also plead the fifth when Abdul kept mentioning pencils. Apparently, she had a pencil jammed in her leg under Bolton's not-so-watchful eye?

It turned out to be a love fest between Abdul and Bolton, who literally go way, way, way back!

Watch Paula Abdul + Michael Bolton Share Their Past on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'