Michael Buble frolics in the snow in the music video for his big band version of 'Santa Claus Is Coming to Town,' a song from his new 'Christmas' album.

The video is set on a snowy sidewalk in a friendly, residential neighborhood. It makes no attempt to disguise the fake trees and other obvious props on the street. If anything, they add to the lighthearted mood of the clip.

An intense Buble stares into the camera and issues the familiar commands, "You better watch out / You better not cry." When the brass instruments take over, Buble gets a little crazy, dancing around and kicking up snow. He has to compose himself to avoid scaring the children who pass by.

Most of the two-minute video takes place at night, aside from a brief cutaway in which it's daytime and Buble appears to be interrogating kids about the presents they're holding. With just a suit and no hat or gloves, Buble isn't dressed for the weather. But you have to love his exuberance. This guy is clearly ready for the holidays! Perhaps he'll perform this song on his NBC Christmas special, airing Dec. 6.

Watch the Michael Buble 'Santa Claus Is Coming to Town' Video

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