Earlier today (Oct. 2), a jury ruled in the case brought against concert promoter AEG Live regarding its alleged negligence related to the untimely death of Michael Jackson.

According to USA Today, AEG was found not negligent in the death of Jackson. The late King of Pop's mother, Katherine Jackson, had brought the suit against the concert giant, claiming it had a hand in her son's 2009 death and was therefore accountable.

Mama Jackson sued AEG, which was producing Jackson's comeback concerts at the time of his passing. She blamed the promoter for the hiring of Dr. Conrad Murray, the physician responsible for administering the drug propofol, which killed the singer. The drug is meant to be used in surgical scenarios. It was being misused as a sleep aid in Jackson's case and proved fatal.

The fact that AEG hired Murray, who was found guilty in Nov. 2011 of involuntary manslaughter, was the basis of Mrs. Jackson's negligence claim. Her suit also claimed that AEG was more concerned with making money rather than worrying about the star's health.

While the jury found that AEG did hire Murray, it ruled that the doctor was not unfit or incompetent to perform the job, which was another argument at the heart of the case. Essentially, they did not hire him carelessly.

AEG Live claimed that it was Jackson who pressured them to hire Murray despite their objections and suggestions that he use a doctor in London, which was where the concerts were to take place.

The concert company also claims that Jackson and Murray were duplicitous and did not share the fact that Jackson was an insomniac being dosed with the drug as a sleep aid.

The trial lasted five months in Los Angeles. The case did not require a unanimous verdict. Only nine of 12 jurors were required to agree in order to reach a verdict.