An endorsement from the First Lady? Just one more reminder of why Beyonce's on top.

People reports that in a new video interview, First Lady Michelle Obama, whose 'Let's Move' campaign promotes fitness and healthier living, revealed that Beyonce dominates her workout playlist. "I always love Beyonce," Obama said, "so anything fast-paced that she's doing is a good one for me... But I have very eclectic tastes, so my playlist on my iPod, which I listen to, runs from fast paced to a little more mellow."

This isn't exactly a surprise, given that Bey has a long-running friendship with the Obamas. She even performed at the Neighborhood Ball, which celebrated the President's inauguration. Still, it must be a huge honor for Beyonce to know that she's contributing to helping the First Lady's body fit and trim. Obama says that music is key in pursuing a fitter lifestyle. "Listen to whatever you like and whatever is going to get you motivated," she said. "For me, that's a lot."

We'll be sending flowers to Kelly Rowland -- no doubt she's super bummed to hear that she isn't Michelle Obama's 'Motivation.' You win some, you lose some!