No one's going to outdo Coldplay's Chris Martin when it comes to the earnest falsetto ballad, but Mike Posner has released a cover of the band's 'The Scientist' that wisely goes in a completely different direction.

The 'Cooler Than Me' singer leaves out the driving piano of the original song and injects synths and atmospheric keyboards into the mix. Echo effects on the vocals and fake lightning crashes give the beginning of the song an eerie quality.

Ninety seconds in, as Posner sings, "Take me back to the start," an aggressive electronic beat takes over, adding a touch of dubstep to the track and highlighting the song's excellent production.

The only downside of the remake is that, unless Posner takes the unlikely step of releasing it as a single, it probably won't reach as many listeners as it should. Perhaps he should've taken all the creative elements he used for the cover and saved them for a new song of his own.

No word yet on whether the cover will appear on a new Posner album. His debut, '31 Minutes to Takeoff,' has spawned the hits 'Cooler Than Me,' 'Please Don't Go' and 'Bow Chicka Wow Wow,' with rapper Lil Wayne.

Listen to Mike Posner, 'The Scientist'