The unstoppable Miley Cyrus wrapped her whirlwind, 24-hour promo tour (on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' and 'GMA') by appearing on 'Live! With Kelly and Michael.'

She rocked a classy, pulled together look since she was only being interviewed, instead of performing! She ditched the extra sexy stage gear in favor of a classic outfit and attempted to explain her hopes for 'We Can't Stop' to the TV hosts.

Cyrus swapped out her high-waisted shorts and thigh-high boots for a Chanel-like skirt suit and heels. Her attire featured a buttoned, cropped jacket and knee-length skirt. The jacket did bare some of her midriff, which is not so Chanel-like.

During the chat, the singer spoke about being a control freak and how it messed her up when she got laryngitis, as it left her with no control over her voice issues. She proclaimed that vocal problems are something she never worries about so that was foreign territory for her.

She also explained what she hopes to achieve with 'We Can't Stop,' saying, "It's not a normal song for me. It's something different, speaking to a whole different group, of young people, who are on my same page."

Her friendship with rapper Snoop Dogg came up again, and she suggested that they relate to one another since they both want to speak to people and both are currently amid crazy transformations in their respective careers, finding out who they are creatively. So they are kindred spirits and of the same ilk.

When Cyrus said he's already been Snoop Dogg, intimating that he can reinvent as Snoop Lion, we applied that school of thought to her. She's already been Hannah Montana. Now it's time to be the Miley who can't, and won't stop.