Miley Cyrus is not advocating drug use, despite the seemingly obvious references, in her new song 'We Can't Stop.' Producer Mike WiLL Made It shot down those crazy rumors. Jeez, what were we thinking?

The song boasts a line  -- and not that kinda line, but more on that drug reference in a second -- about liking to party and "Dancing with Molly / Doing whatever want." Somehow, we don't think she's paying homage to Molly Ringwald but to the drug ecstacy, which is the nickname of a substance that people like to take when dancing up a storm and trying to numb their brains.

TMZ reports that the producer is saying "No, no, no." She actually singing "Dancing with Miley." So, she's either adopting that annoying thing where she talks about herself in the third person or she's all about dancing with herself, like Billy Idol? So what if we're dating ourselves in the '80s without our interpretations of the lyrics.

There is also phrase about "trying to get a line in the bathroom," which would appear to be a cocaine reference. We're sure they'll say, "The lyric is about waiting in line to pee, while you are at a crowded club, we swear."

Drug references or not, the song isn't the homerun we expected from the ex-Hannah Montana who shaved her head all in the name of punk rock.