Cat fight. Miley Cyrus and Skylar Grey exchanged a little bit of indirect tweet heat over each other's antics.

While Grey issued a tweet on Aug. 25, which was the actual night of the VMAs, when Cyrus became the topic of national convo, it took Cyrus nearly two weeks to issue her reply and she did so with panache. We'll give her that much.

Grey, who's new album 'Don't Look Down' landed with a thud, was live tweeting during the ceremony and appeared turned off by Cyrus' antics, as many were. Her distaste for the tongue-and-twerk fest was not singular.

Cyrus responded with a dig of her own, sharing a photo of Grey performing fellatio on her own Moonman statue.

It was a chess move for Miley, essentially accusing the pot of calling the kettle black and asserting that Grey had no room to talk.

We'll give that game, set and match to Cyrus on that one. She could have trash talked Grey, but she chose to use some photographic evidence to make a point.