Pop duo MKTO launched their music video for current single "Bad Girls" today (June 5) and it turns out they're totally cool with being abducted by a group of lawless women, armed with dangerous artillery -- as long as they're hot.

The video opens on members Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller held hostage in the back of a truck by The Bad Girls, a group of women "known for kidnapping and tormenting men for their own amusement." While Kelley and Oller are initially confused, they're also okay with the situation because these women are just as beautiful as they are terrifying. Even when given the opportunity to escape, they choose to stay.

In an interview with Radio.com, the guys talked about the inspiration behind the concept of the video. While they were first pitched all of the typical bad-girl-at-the-club video treatments, they eventually found a director with a different vision. Oller said, "When the concepts were coming in, they were all about parties and loving bad girls. There wasn’t really any idea there."

The duo's acting background also came into play when filming the video. Oller said, "Us having the acting backgrounds we have, we wanted to do something cinematic. We always look for any excuse to be able to do that kind of stuff. We came across one that was great and had a P.O.W. camp where these gorgeous women would take us hostage in very sexy outfits, but with a twist: these are women who are not only sexy, but who you don’t want to mess with. There’s a Mad Max kind of theme.”

You can check out MKTO's "Bad Girls" video above.