Is there such a thing as being too woke?

Over the past few years, corporations have been updating their logos, mascots and even brand names to be more aligned with the times.

Renaming Aunt Jemima syrup? A wonderful idea. The Washington Football Team dropping Redskins from their name? On point.

Changing the look of the M&M's characters? Well, this one might just be trying too hard.

On Thursday (Jan. 19), the parent company of M&M's — Mars, Incorporated — announced their iconic candy characters have received an "inclusive" makeover with the goal of creating "a world where everyone feels they belong."

The new look is supposed to bring the characters into a "more dynamic, progressive world," a press release states.

"And as part of this evolution, built on purpose, M&M’S promises to use the power of fun to include everyone with a goal of increasing the sense of belonging for 10 million people around the world by 2025," the statement continues.

The design updates, which are currently in effect across M&M's digital marketing, will slowly be incorporated into the brand's packaging in the next year or so.

The changes are small, but noticeable, with each character's shape more defined.

But the biggest changes come to the two female characters — Ms. Green and Ms. Brown — who are now sporting some new footwear. Brown's stilettos have been changed to a suitable kitten heel, while Green's white go-go boots have been swapped out for sneakers.

M&M, Mars Incorporated
Mars, Incorporated

A few other footwear changes can be spotted on the other characters: Red and Yellow now have laces on their kicks, while Orange's laces are finally tied.

Change is good; we can likely all agree on that. But is M&M's trying way too hard to be considered "woke"?

After the design update announcement, some feedback from the public was positive, but an overwhelming majority just didn't see the need for such a radical change, especially to the female-coded M&M's characters.

"WHO HAS EVER SEEN M&MS AND THOUGHT 'THEY DON'T REPRESENT ME,'" one user wrote on Thursday, adding: "It's a CANDY."

"Women: Everyone's lives would improve if we had things like paid family leave, universal pre-K, affordable child care, and the ability to make informed decisions about our reproductive futures ... Capitalism: Lol no but please enjoy these feminist M&Ms." writer Andi Zeisler tweeted.

Oliver Jia, the social media editor at NK news, tweeted, "Good to see that back in the U.S. they’re focusing on the real issues which affect American society. Racism is officially over now thanks to the M&Ms."

One Twitter user scoffed, "Will somebody just tell me which m&ms I’m allowed to be attracted to."

Meanwhile, one woman joked that what the M&M's characters really need is some clothes: "If M&Ms are gonna start being 'more dynamic & progressive', are they at least gonna make them wear pants in the commercials? Cause I can see their vaginas. #Metoo you should be outraged."

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