UPDATE (8/15): Okay, it's really coming this time.

"Back To You" arrives this Friday (August 19) — and here's a sneak peek, courtesy of Mollie herself.

According to an official press release, the song will be accompanied by a "stunningly beautiful" Lisa Gunning-directed music video, and is a "dreamy electropop track with an indelible synth-heavy chorus in which Mollie questions her constant return to a relationship which is just no good - ‘why do I keep coming back to you’."

"It’s a very personal song to me. A lot of my writing inspiration has come from what I’ve been through over the last couple of years," says Mollie.

UPDATE (8/12): We got a single cover up in here — but still no song. (Yet.)

Mollie King, of The Saturdays fame, is about to drop her first taste of solo music. (Panic.)

We don't know too much just yet, but thanks to some sleuth work from assorted Sats stans and Little Mollinators, we know this:

- Official Charts lists a song called "Back To You" by Mollie under "New Releases" for tomorrow (August 12).

- There's a song called "Back To You" already registered on BMI to — wait for it! — Mollie King, written alongside LA songwriting duo Nick Bailey and Ryan Ogren (together known as The Blueprint) and Rob Persaud, all of whom are signed to Dr. Luke's publishing company, Prescription Songs.

- Mollie King is already doing a dance of celebration on her Instagram, courtesy of a Snapchat that reads "Getting hyped for her single release 😬😬😬😬" She also captioned the post: "When your friends and pooch have to put up with your excitement first thing in the morning 😂🙈 #BreakfastClub #BreakfastBonanza"

- She also posted a photo of her on Twitter recording a song, with the hashtag "#CountingDownTheDays."

- "We’re just on the cusp of everything releasing and I’m so excited. I’ve been putting it together for a good year and a half and I’ve just shot the video so everything will be revealed in the next couple of weeks! It’s really exciting and going to be very different to what people are expecting so everyone will be very surprised," Mollie told Fault last month.

Remain vigilant.