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Petite Meller, "The Flute"

Petite Meller's reign of whimsical quirk-pop continues in the French artist's latest video for "The Flute." On the tune, electro-pop glitter floats atop atmospheric piano flourishes, a twinkling beat and flute melody gleefully bouncing along in the background. And the visual is just as saccharine and sparkly as the track itself: Filmed in the sweeping green northern nomadic region of Mongolia, the inimitable pop princess dazzles as she dances among reindeer and native folks while wearing pom poms, pointy hats and dresses made of straw. It's delightfully absurd and entirely captivating. - Erica Russell

Terror Jr., “Come First”

Newcomers Terror Jr. are oddly provocative for an outfit as faceless and enigmatic as they’ve proven to be since their overnight arrival back in March. Still, the group has a penchant for the risque, and nowhere is it more apparent than on latest single “Come First,” a track that’s just as heavy on the double entendre and it is on its bass-y synths. “Come First’ is the group’s most understated yet, with minimal percussion pulsing beneath a bout of self-assured, breathy vocals. The subject matter (“No it ain’t about you / I gotta get me, myself and mine / Baby know that I come first”) is overtly sexual without ever giving in to vulgarity — a downright accomplishment in today’s pop world. Link this song on your Tinder profile for maximum effect. — Ali Szubiak

Bronze Whale, "Hear Me"

Generally speaking, I take to trap like a cat to the local waterhole, but there’s something classically beautiful about the Texas-based duo’s first original release of 2016. Bronze Whale, who’ve previously topped HypeMachine with dubstep-heavy remixes, manage something symphonic with “Hear Me,” and weave electric builds with classic-sounding melodies and the mellifluous, liquidy tones of Kenzie May’s hum. It took a year to make, members Aaron Jaques and Benny Allen admitted alongside the song’s SoundCloud release. It plays accordingly. — Matthew Donnelly

Syd tha Kyd, “Amazing”

While everyone’s freaking out about Frank Ocean’s long-awaited album drop, don’t miss a new gem from another Grammy-nominated former member of Tyler, the Creator’s Odd Future collective: singer, producer and DJ Syd tha Kyd, who now fronts the band The Internet. Syd’s voice always sounds best on dreamy production that evokes the dopamine rush of infatuation (see also: “Girl” from The Internet’s Ego Death album), and the Dornik-produced “Amazing” is another shining example. Modern slow jam perfection. – Samantha Vincenty

Dev, "#1 (feat. Nef the Pharaoh)"

DEV! Yes, Dev — of "Bass Down Low" fame. You already know Dev, and she's still up to great things following her Bittersweet July collection two years ago. "#1" is, essentially, the definition of a 'lowkey bop.' The finger-snapping, heavily vocoded track bumps along on a chill, tripping beat as she sadly recalls a lost love: "I used to be your number one fan," she reminisces. "I've been working on '#1 'for the last year and half and I'm finally so excited to share it with my fans and the world. The song is really special to me and I hope everyone loves it," she tells PopCrush. Consider it the perfect chilly cap on a summer fling. — Bradley Stern

Say Lou Lou, " Stayin' Alive"

It's been a hot minute since we've heard anything from Swedish dream-wave duo Say Lou Lou, but thankfully Miranda and Elektra Kilbey-Jansson have decided to grace us with a feverish little end-of-summer treat — a sonic disco biscuit, if you will — to tide us over until their next synth pop takeover. On "Stayin' Alive," a hazy, new wave-inspired cover of the Bee Gees' 1977 smash, the twin sisters bypass the strain of moody, R&B-fueled trop-pop currently ruling radio to boogie down to a different beat. And it's not just alright, it's not just okay — it's giving me life. Can you dig it? - Erica Russell

Scavenger Hunt, “River Runs Dry"

Dan Mufson and Jill Lamoreux cite Annie Lennox and Robyn as two of their project’s most manifest inspirations; “River Runs Dry” could be the icons’ musical progeny. Toeing the line between electropop and something more alternative, Scavenger Hunt’s latest takes risks with eerie xylophone effects and clashing harmonies, but recedes to pop-equilibrium with a reliably radio-friendly chorus. “How can you love what you don't know? Look for me in the afterglow,” Lamoreux fuzzily murmurs in plain sight. — Matthew Donnelly

Madeon and Porter Robinson, “Shelter”

Just when I thought I’d grown numb to the deluge of post-EDM-anthem electropop bops with feathery-soft male vocals that flood SoundCloud every week, this collaboration between French producer/singer Madeon and producer Porter Robinson is too catchy for me to pass up. The production on “Shelter” is late-summer sun and pool sparkle in song form, affirming the two artists as superior talents in the aforementioned genre trend. – Samantha Vincenty

Mollie King, "Back To You"

It's a Sats gone solo! Mollie King's been teasing her independent venture for months, if not years now. The pressure was on, naturally, for a banger from one-fifth of the girl group that gave us smashes like "All Fired Up." But, hang on! Instead, Mollie switched it up for a bout of melancholy dream-pop, causing a chill rather than a commotion. The result is like something Florrie might dream up, coupled with the tripping downtempo LA sound of production duo The Blueprint. That video is especially stunning. No spoilers, but the ending's a real cliffhanger. — Bradley Stern

Big Gigantic feat. Jennifer Hartswick, “Got The Love"

Colorado-based EDM duo Big Gigantic have unveiled their latest single “Got The Love," an explosive blend of grooving synths, heavy bass and horns. Jennifer Hartswick lends her robust, smoky vocals to the track, resulting in the kind of expert sonic marriage that blends electronica and soul together so effortlessly, it’s easy to forget these genres are worlds apart. — Ali Szubiak

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