So! Rihanna's "Work (feat. Drake)" is finally here (listen), and...this is what we've been unlocking Samsung-$ponsored doors on our mobile phones and collecting mystery keys from strangers for over the past few months? RIH-lly? Oh, no.

And she's calling it the "first single" from ANTI, the album formerly known as R8? Like "Bitch Better Have My Money" just never happened? Nope! Not on my watch.

If you too found yourself underwhelmed by the drowsy, meandering dancehall mumble-fest ("wuh wuh wuh...") formally kicking off Rih's ANTI campaign with a slur, fear not: here are just a few much needed, far more work-able pop palette cleansers — and none of them are TIDAL exclusives.

Oh. And, Rihanna? You might want to put some actual work into it on the next go-around.

Ciara, "Work (feat. Missy Elliott)"

You know what actual work is? It's heading down to a desert construction zone in stilettos and ripped jeans, twerking it out and whipping your massive ponytail with all your might — and all without a safety helmet, no less. Sweat. Sand. Sass. I'm sorry Rih, but your favorite Twitter rival Ciara's got you thoroughly beat this round.

Kelly Rowland, "Work"

And speaking of frustratingly underrated R&B divas, Child of Destiny and Kisses Down Low Enthusiast Kelly Rowland gave us one nasty bout of bedroom motivation with the undeniably infectious "Work" nearly a decade ago with Ms. Kelly. GO HARD.

The Saturdays, "Work"

Once upon a time, Girls Aloud also-rans The Saturdays ever-so-briefly ruled the land across the pond with their brand of strong, fierce electro-pop girl group anthems. This one's a banger from the start — they've got the goods worthy of naming a song "Work."

RuPaul, "Supermodel (You Better Work)"

The original. The icon. The best. Shante, you stay.

Annie, "WORKX2"

Annie is so unbelievably incredible, she's actually doing double the work. Her massively fierce, '80s-inspired Endless Vacation EP standout plays like something of a cross between Ru's classic and a Sega Genesis video song. Inspired.

Missy Elliott, "Work It"

Before Missy put in work with Ci, she did it all by herself. Do you even know what this song does to people? Have you ever been to a wedding or a house party or a bar where this is playing? Yes, you have. You already know.

Iggy Azalea, "Work"

Look: Iggy Azalea is the butt of the joke across the entire music industry at the moment, and her insane Twitter account must be seen to be believed, AND YET, she still gave us more to "Work" with back when she was just work, work, working on her sheeeet.

Britney Spears, "Work BItch"

According to labor analysts, work productivity and efficiency increased nearly 500% upon the release of Britney Spears' "Work Bitch," the lead single from Her Most Personal Album To Date, Britney Jean. (At least, I heard that somewhere once. I think.) In any case, this one will actually inspire you to get that hawt bodeh and Masserateh you were dreaming of.

Now that is how you work.

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