After the news broke on Thursday (October 31) that Monsta X member Wonho has left the group, the Monbebe have rallied together to fight to keep him in the group.

Fans quickly created hashtags on social media to share their thoughts and pleas, #ShrineforMonstaX,  #FightForMonstaX7, #StarshipFightForWonho and #WeNeedWonho among countless others. Their efforts did not go unnoticed with numerous trending topics on Twitter.

Aside from the social media protest, fans also raised over $20,000 in the span of only 24 hours to fund a billboard in New York City's Times Square. The billboard will ask the group's record label, Starship Entertainment to reinstate Wonho as a member of the group.

“We are going to make a graphic and display it in Times Square, where it will be on a board for 21 hours, a 15-second spot, 30 times per hour,” the GoFundMe campaign’s page reads. The idea and fundraiser were created by Twitter user Kihbebes. Any extra money donated will be used towards other ads as well as future fan projects.

Though the official reasoning for Wonho's departure remains unclear, rumors circulated about his previous behavior prior to the creation of the group. One rumor, in particular, was that he previously borrowed money from his Ulzzang Shidae co-star Jung Da Eun.

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