Monster High is back!

On Tuesday (Feb. 23), Deadline announced that Monster High has signed on for two new projects through Nickelodeon and Mattel. The girl-ghoul franchise is getting a new animated series as well as its first ever live-action adaptation: a television movie-musical.

The two projects will feature beloved characters Clawdeen Wolf, Draculaura and Frankie Stein, and will premiere in 2022 on Nickelodeon.

“The animated series will follow the characters as they navigate the hilarity of high school in the hallowed halls of Monster High,” Deadline explained.

Jenny Jaffe, who wrote on the Big Hero 6 television series and is currently working on the reboot of Rugrats, will write the live-action movie-musical event.

The Monster High toy line launched in 2010 and various animated projects have been released over the years, with specials airing on Nickelodeon. Fans are overjoyed that the franchise is coming back for more, but there are a few things they want the network to get right.

First, they want diversity and queer representation on MH and have spoken out, saying they will be “genuinely upset” if the characters are “white washed” or “stripped of their diversity.”

“Monster High gave us so much diversity in both the show and the movies, I really hope that the reboot lives up to the legacy it’s obtained so far,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

Fans also want to make sure that Clawdeen is canonically a lesbian.

“If we don’t have my lesbians in the Live Action Monster High movie I DONT WANT IT!” a Twitter user added.

Many Monster High stans also hope that the new projects will be accompanied by a new line of dolls, but only if they are similar to the original designs and not the more kid-friendly redesigns that came out in 2016.

See more fans' reactions to the Monster High news, below.

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