My Chemical Romance make plans to escape town on their new single 'Bulletproof Heart.' The song appears on their 2010 semi-concept album 'Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys' and is the follow-up to their recent No. 1 song 'Sing.'

'Bulletproof Heart' is a typically extravagant, dramatic and most importantly, catchy pop-punk anthem about escape from some undefined restrictive presence. Whoever the "pigs" the narrator is running away from are isn't clearly explained in this song (the album concerns a group of rebels fighting an evil corporation called Better Living Industries) but motive hardly matters when the chase sounds like this much fun. I mean, come on, they get lasers, how cool is that?:

"I got a bulletproof heart / You got a hollow point smile / We had our run away scarves / Got a photograph dream on the getaway mile / Let's blow a hole in this town / And do our talking with the laser beam."

My Chemical Romance, who had the aforementioned single 'Sing' covered on 'Glee' recently, start a US tour on March 31 in Oakland, California. They'll travel all across the country and back again before winding up in Las Vegas on May 29.

Listen to My Chemical Romance, 'Bulletproof Heart'