Will you ever see the day? Not without a good pair of glasses, you won't.

Nadine Coyle, Girls Aloud superstar and Insatiable diva, loves herself a nice pair of spectacles.

In fact, the "My Sexy Love Affair" Derry-bred belter loves her lenses so much, she's just been named as an official Specsavers Ambassador for 2017 — which is apparently the hot new thing to do for legendary pop chanteuses.

Lest we forget, fellow glam goddess Kylie Minogue just launched her very line at Specsavers. Here's hoping Nadine gets her own, too — call it Sweetest Eye. (It's also a bit of an Aloud torch-passing moment, as Kimberley Walsh was once a Specsavers ambassador in 2014.)

Along with serving up a fab, frames-filled photo shoot, Nadine is helping to get the word out for the 2017 Spectacle Wearer of the Year charity competition, with the possibility of winning £10,000 cash, pairs of specs and a trip to attend the Spectacle Wearer of the Year Awards — and possibly even meet Nadine.

And there's a good reason to enter, too: with each entry, Specsavers donates £1 to Kidscape, a London-based anti-bullying and harm prevention initiative for children. You can enter here with your #selfie.

This helpful specs #selfie instructional video from Nadine herself alone is better than most pop releases of 2017:

Oh, and then there's this tiny morsel of news from the Specsavers official website, right before an in-depth interview about Nadine's favorite things about glasses: "This year sees Nadine celebrate her 15th anniversary in the industry. She is currently in the studio with new music due to be released later this year."

Sure, it's not exactly an Aloud reunion — Cheryl seems a bit busy at the moment, anyway — but Nadine 3.0 is coming. Are you ready?