That Nashville Music City Music Festival everyone has been harping on for the last few 'Nashville' episodes is finally happening! And of course, there's major drama of both the personal and the business variety.

At the festival's photo call, Juliette and Avery flirt in a weird, friend-zoney way until paparazzi bust in and say, "Hey, you're a homewrecking tramp who ruined Charlie Wentworth's marriage!" Oh no. Secret's out. Thanks, Layla!

Poor Gunnar has to play to the porta potties at the festival, and Deacon doesn't get to play at all. So of course, the two team up together and... decide to put on a renegade show outside the festival grounds? Anarchy in country music!

Luke wants to be boyfriend and girlfriend with Rayna, but she doesn't seem so sure. Rayna hears a rumor that Jeff at Edgehill Records is going to release her record without her consent, so she goes to Jeff's house and busts in on him skinny dipping with a lovely lady. They have words, as usual.

Remember how Scarlett saw Zoey and Gunnar kissing? Well, she won't even look at Zoey when she tries to apologize. Ouch. They have a sad confrontation at the music festival, and we mourn for their friendship, even though we didn't really care about it in the first place.

Of course Charlie is at the festival, and he and Juliette try to figure out who ratted on them to the press. Juliette's gut tells her it's Layla, and she confronts her like a boss. Layla holds her own in bitchiness against Juliette, but man, we still dislike Layla so much, even if she is in a fake relationship with a closeted gay man.

Tandy decides she wants to join Rayna in the record business, but Rayna is surprised to know that her semi boyfriend Luke is basically hanging out in Edgehill Jeff's pocket because all he wants to do is make money and play music. Rayna wants artistic autonomy, not dolla bills, so we give their relationship another episode, if that. There's some talk about market research and whatnot, and Rayna is basically prepared to go into debt for $20 million dollars to get the masters of her records back. Girl, this is not a good move.

Will Lexington plays a steamy set on an outdoor stage, and you can tell he's torn between his fake GF Layla and the person he's actually interested in, the skinny Edgehill assistant who seems not to have a name. Later, we see Will and skinny assistant in bed together! It looks awkward, but we still feel happy for them.

When it comes Juliette's time to perform, she's incredibly rattled by all the "Homewrecker" signs held up in the arena (people suck!), but luckily Avery's dreamy eyes give her the courage to continue the show. We feel bad for her (and for her long-suffering manager, Glenn) as she takes out her rage in her dressing room. But yay! Avery and Juliette bond, and he tells her to be strong -- and then she is. She tells the press "No comment" and decides, finally, to make her private life private.

Jeff threatens Layla with suspicions of her leaking the tape. We were surprised about that, but again, fully in favor. Zoey and Gunnar almost break up but ultimately don't, to which we react with total nonchalance because we do not care about them as a couple whatsoever.

At Deacon and Gunnar's show, Rayna looks like she's having some secret thoughts about Deacon, and Avery looks like he's having some secret thoughts about Juliette, even though Scarlett tells him he's the only one who's "honest" with her. He clearly wants to break up with her but he can't because she just found out her best friend is banging her ex. None of this will end well.

Rayna sticks it to Jeff, as expected. Hopefully it doesn't come back to bite her in the ass because we are all about her owning her own music and label, but something tells us it's not going to be smooth sailing.

Oh god, Juliette goes to give a super intense love confession to Avery, and she sees Scarlett in her underwear and... oh s---! We're totally shipping Juliette and Avery now, even though we also sympathize with sad Scarlett. Man, this is a tangled web 'Nashville' weaves.

Will is tormented about his homosexual encounter and tries to... kill himself in front of a moving train? We did not see that coming, and it's really upsetting and scary. We really hope he jumped out of the way, like the game he'd play with Gunnar last season. Creepily, the train whistle plays in a menacing manner over the rest of the episode, including when Teddy the mayor is assaulted and his wife Peggy is shot.

The previews for the next episode leave us wondering whether Peggy has been killed, as well as where Will is. There's been too much sadness on 'Nashville' already this season, so let's hope Peggy and Will both survive the whims of the writer's room.