It's Nathan Sykes like we've never seen — or heard — him before! The singer totally embraces a retro vibe in his new "More Than You'll Ever Know" video.

The first thing we have to address is that Nathan barely shows his face throughout the entire piece. We see plenty of the singer — but it's either shots of him from behind or shadowed glimpses of his eyes. And while we love ourselves some Nathan Sykes, we kind of love that he took this approach.

It's a mature, slick perspective that allows the viewer to focus on the artistry of the song (including Nathan's ah-mazing vocals) rather than be distracted by a smoldering gaze. In obscuring himself, he immediately ups the level of mystery. Consider us entranced.

Of course, there are other stars in the video, two gorgeous and fashionable models that are unbelievably cool and perfectly fit the timeless aspect of the song. We see them interact in a variety of ways — from playing a game of cat-and-mouse to adorably dancing together. All of the relationship goals, right there.

The biggest unifying factor throughout the video is that it's set in black and white. Not only does this lend to the throwback vibe that we're digging, but it's clear all of the wardrobe choices were made to work with the color scheme. The result is a beautifully shot yet not overwrought video. It's the kind of visual every solo artist wants and should have as a debut.

Check out Nathan's "More Than You'll Ever Know" video above!

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