Beyonce's rep wouldn't confirm the legitimacy of the leaked track list that appeared on a Stargate member's Instagram this week, but Ne-Yo would, albeit in a roundabout way. It's real, kids!

MTV reached out to King Bey's PR people, who have previously done overtime getting unflattering photos of the superstar removed from the Internets, and they were mysteriously mum. However, Ne-Yo is proud and open about his contributions to the record, rumored to be called 'Mrs. Carter' (to coincide, appropriately, with her 'Mrs. Carter Show' world tour).

"I saw that Beyonce's tracklisting just leaked and I've got a couple of joints on there, which is good news," Ne-Yo told DigitalSpy. "I'm very happy about that."

While Ne-Yo isn't totally certain is this is the true final product, he does confirm that those songs are his: "I mean you never really can tell until the album comes out."

He explained that the record has a distinct theme and direction that he followed when helping pen his tracks. "I've heard some songs from the album so I knew what direction I should be going in," he said. "The last thing you want to do is write a song that makes no sense with the direction of the album, so she let me hear some stuff so I knew where to aim."

He didn't give too many details, though, or else the BeyHive would go nuts. "I can't say much else as I've been sworn to secrecy!" he gushed. "I'm actually happy that no songs have leaked from it yet. Hopefully this is a sign for the future -- that music can come out when it's actually supposed to come out."

The album, if this track list proves real and final, will also feature the much-buzzed about 'Ratchet' with Lady Gaga and Azealia Banks, as well as features from Jay-Z, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Sia and Bey's baby sis Solange.

Sia, Timberlake and Gaga had previously confirmed their collaborations with Queen Bey -- and Hov is to be expected -- but RiRi is a rare and new treat. Check out the leaked track list below!

1. 'Ratchet' (with Lady Gaga & Feat. Azealia Banks)
2. 'Back 2 Business' (Feat. Jay-Z)
3. 'Roller Coaster' (Feat. Justin Timberlake)
4. 'Visions' (Feat. Sia)
5 'Dance (It’s Soon Over)' (Feat. Rihanna)
6. 'More Than Sex' (Feat. Ne-Yo)
7. 'Better Than Ever Before' (Feat. Solange Knowles)
8. 'Runaway'
9. 'Sensations'
10. '12 Roses'
11. 'It's All Over'

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