Beyonce and Lady Gaga have teamed up twice before (with a third collabo on the way called 'Ratchet'), and both times the ladies couldn't stop singing about telephonic drama. Beyonce had Gaga lend her vocals for 'Video Phone' back in 2009, while Lady Gaga recruited Beyonce to sing on her single 'Telephone' a few months later in 2010.

The dynamic duo of divas each released colorful videos for their respective tunes, with Beyonce heading to a warehouse in Brooklyn for some shooting, and Gaga busting out of jail with her metaphorical guns a-blazin'. But which video do you prefer to watch? Beyonce's 'Video Phone,' or Lady Gaga's 'Telephone'?

Like we said earlier, Beyonce plays a sharp shootin' sexpot in her clip for 'Video Phone.' Ms. Knowles changes into a variety of costumes, from a pinup, bedazzled version of Xena: Warrior Princess, to a sassy, street vixen with a do-rag, oversized T-shirt and stockings. When she isn't popping, locking, winding and grinding all over her literal "camera men," she's taking aim and shooting a bunch of cartoonish guns or setting off massive explosions.

Conversely, Lady Gaga's 'Telephone' video takes a much more cinematic approach, with Gaga going from a naked, bada-- jailbird to a fierce femme fatale. With the help of her partner in crime Beyonce, Gaga takes out a diner full of patrons, including Bey's jerky boyfriend, played by model/actor Tyrese. Mother Monster gives step-by-step instructions on brewing poison, makes out with androgynous prisoners, and dons a bunch of crazy costumes, from latex dresses to leopard print catsuits.

If you're having trouble deciding, start by watching both of the dance breakdowns in 'Video Phone' and 'Telephone' for a point of reference. Then, be sure to vote on Beyonce's 'Video Phone' or Gaga's 'Telephone' for your favorite music video!

Watch the Beyonce 'Video Phone' Video Feat. Lady Gaga

Watch the Lady Gaga 'Telephone' Video Feat. Beyonce

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