Ne-Yo takes it to the strip clubs in his new video for 'The Way You Move,' his Auto-Tuned ballad that appears on DJ Wonda's latest mixtape 'Tough Love.' Joining him on the song are fellow R&B crooners Trey Songz and T-Pain as they beg their favorite strippers to not quit their jobs.

In the erotic clip, a very dapper Ne-Yo serenades an exotic dancer that has caught his eye. As he pleads with her to not quit her night gig, we get to see him get a sensual lap dance. "Lil mama I understand / The way you do the things you do, no one else can," he sings. "Shawty do what's in your soul / But it will be a shame to let you go."

Songz is also looking dandy in a black tuxedo as he watches his favorite lady work the pole. "Said she's tired of that b---s--t / Gonna quit the game / Change your life and ease your pain," he woefully croons of his beloved stripper.

To complete the trifecta, T-Pizzle offers his experience of being in love with a stripper, as he is ready to wife up his favorite exotic dancer. "Girl you hit the stage and make the music stop / Then your booty go left cheek, right cheek / Girl, I love the way you move," he warbles.

Ne-Yo's 'The Way You Move' video is definitely for the grown and sexy, with plenty of eye candy for the fellas. If you have ever been in love with a stripper, then this song is for you.

Watch the Ne-Yo 'The Way You Move' Video Feat. Trey Songz and T-Pain