Put Aussie DJ duo NERVO, Chic legend Nile Rodgers, Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears and The One And Only Mighty Aphrodite Kylie Minogue in one room, and then go ahead: Just try and tell them all to behave themselves.

After teasing the visual for what feels like months now, NERVO have at long last debuted the video for "The Other Boys," the pulsating ode to unrequited love off of their debut album, Collateral, featuring a truly enviable array of fabulous featured guests.

Following a fierce strut into the building from Kylie and her glass bottle, the disco diva kneels down to give it a good ol' spin — she's spinning around, move out of her way — and that's when the madness really begins: Jake Shears in studs and sheer! (Well, no surprise there.) Disco balls galore! Mim and Liv looking like fashionable Beetlejuice and A Clockwork Orange! (Perfect for Halloween.) More disco balls! Dizzying cinematography! A sick Nile Rodgers solo inside a disco ball!

The best bits, of course, are when they're all turning up together at the DJ booth and on the dance floor (err, parking garage or something?) at the same time — they seriously look like they had a blast shooting this video.

They're having so much fun, in fact, it seems none of them even remember that boy who doesn't feel as fondly as other boys do — and good riddance to him. Onto the next one. Party on!

The Other Boys

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