Not like there was much doubt, but congratulations are still in order. Big ups to Nicki Minaj, who not only delivered a killer performance, but also won Best Female Hip-Hop Artist at the 2012 BET Awards!

It was Minaj's third victory in a row for the category, which featured Trina, Diamond and Brianna Perry as her fierce competitors. Despite her numerous accolades in 2012 and beyond, the Young Money songstress remained grateful and humbled by her title.

"This is the third year in a row and I don't take it for granted," Minaj said earnestly. "I really appreciate BET for keeping this category alive. I appreciate all the female rappers doing their thing -- past, present and future," she added. (Wonder if that includes Lil Kim, who was said to inspire 'Stupid H-'?) In any case, there's one group you know she had to give props to. "My Barbz!" she squealed. "I appreciate you, Barbz! I love you Barbz!"

The award likely means a lot to Minaj in part because as a female MC, she's been faced with a decent amount of sexism in her career, most recently, she alleges, by Hot 97 via their Summer Jam insult. With Lil Wayne supporting her, it's no wonder she closed out her speech with a shout out to her labelmates: "YMCMB!"