It seems like every time Nicki Minaj steps out in public, she makes an impression with what she's wearing -- and that goes double on the set of her videos. So, it's no surprise that when Nicki flew to Hawaii to film her clip for 'Starships,' the paparazzi were on hand to get a look at her outfits.

Given that the cameras were rolling on the beach, it should be no surprise that Nicki donned a bikini for the shoot -- and if Ms. Minaj is going to wear a bikini, you can pretty much bet it's going to be pink. The photos were published by the folks at the Global Grind (see the link below), who noted that Nicki has announced plans to start writing a pair of books while waiting for her new album, 'Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded,' to drop on April 3. That's a lot of work to juggle for one ferociously talented pop star, but it's just part of the plan for pop culture domination that Nicki kicked off when she released her first mixtape back in 2007.

Since its release on Feb. 14, 'Starships' has shot up the charts in countries around the world, breaking the top 10 on Billboard's Hot 100 while reaching No. 1 in Brazil and Scotland and topping the U.K.'s R&B chart. The song has also reached No. 3 on the overall U.K. singles chart, establishing Minaj as the highest-charting female rapper in U.K. history.

Though some fans have complained about the song's pop-friendly sheen, Nicki says it's one of her favorite tracks on 'Roman Reloaded.' Talking to MTV after the single was released, she said it "sounds like a Ryan Seacrest-type of record" and added, "I know people are gonna love it. It feels right. It just feels good. It makes people feel happy and that's all I want. I want to start the year off with making people feel good."