Nicki Minaj is adding her signature saltiness to Maroon 5's "Sugar."

The band teamed up with the rapper to revamp their latest single — and she gives it an entire differently sound! Whereas the original was a retro-flavored heartbreak ballad, Nicki injects some edge into the track.

One of our favorite aspects about her rapid-fire intro is that it's appropriately sugar-themed. Here's her verse:

I got them Now & Laters and Jolly Ranchers, too / It ain’t a question, but I got the answers, too / These shoes is Cavalli and the pants is, too / when I see him I’m strip like them dancers do," she raps. "I’mma show them how to do it like them pamphlets do, show these girls how to do it, off campus, too / Yo, as long as you know he got the baddest, I’m flattered, I’m the only one that he answers to.” Fierce, right?

The first version finds Adam Levine looking for "a little love" and "a little sympathy," tugging at our heartstrings in a way only Adam can manage. However, the addition of Nicki into the remix puts a new spin on things. She's confident, she's rocking Roberto Cavalli, and she's not afraid to let everyone know that she's in control. Now that's our kind of woman!

Listen to Maroon 5's "Sugar" remix featuring Nicki Minaj in the video above! You can also check out the original version in the video below.

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