If, amidst her stints in the Pussycat Dolls and as a judge on 'X Factor,' you forgot that Nicole Scherzinger could seriously sing -- look no further than her stunning new single, 'Run.'

Scherzinger's powerful, moving voice propels the emotional track -- a haunting tune that sends a clear message to the singer's manipulative lover's next girlfriend.

"Here's some advice for the next one," Scherzinger breathes on the opening line. "Don't let him lead you to the dark."

"Here's advice for the next one," she continues on the chorus, backed by nothing but piano and violins. "Run."

Not only are her vocals impressively strong, they are also heart-achingly raw, filled with the kind of deep feeling that makes a stripped-down song like this believable and genuinely real. There's no question that 'Run' will hit you right in the heart, but that's exactly what good music is supposed to do.

Listen to Nicole Scherzinger's 'Run' above.