Nicole Scherzinger just released the music video for her latest single 'Run,' and we seriously cannot get enough of how raw and real it is, while still somehow managing to put all the focus on Nicole's powerhouse vocals.

It's an incredibly emotional and vulnerable clip that sees Nicole stripped down in every sense. Not only is she in a simple, elegant black gown for the majority of the video, but the only instrument backing her vocals is a piano.

The lyrics: "He'll try and tell you that he wants you / Just to keep you on the line / And right when you're about to move on / He pulls you back in every time" so perfectly set up the chorus, which is just a repeat of the phrase: "Here's advice for the next one / Run." Nicole's escalating vocals really lend themselves to the intensity of the song, and we can't help but want to take her advice.

Check out the video above!