This Sunday night marks the start of the seventh season of HBO's Game of Thrones. To get you pumped for the return of the blood-drenched fantasy series, GOT's music producer, Evyen Klean, compiled a Spotify playlist that she thinks the show's big bad would dig.

It's a bit heavy on the metal side, which we suppose suits the Night King, the centuries-old leader of the Army of the Dead. The show's creators are known metalheads, too.

There are also a few surprises, though:

"Mr. Freeze" by Slayer is a solid opener (if maybe a bit on-the-nose). "Stone Cold Crazy" is the first of four Metallica tracks, which is followed by Radiohead's "Man of War." The British art-rock band gets three picks, so we guess that means the Night King isn't just a genocidal maniac. He's cerebral too.

The playlist takes an unexpected turn with The Killers' "Mr. Brightside." We'll let you ruminate on how that one got in there, but maybe the Night King went through a tough breakup somewhere along the way and that's how he wound up on the wrong side of the Wall.

And speaking of pop stars, there's no Ed Sheeran here, despite his upcoming cameo on the show.

Toward the end, Muse gets two entries, "Uprising" (naturally) and "Dead Inside." Things conclude with Anthrax's "Now It's Dark," an ominous choice befitting a playlist called "Winter Is Here." That could be a foreboding clue for characters on the show. Season six may not end well for some -- or many -- of them.

Game of Thrones kicks off at 9 PM ET on July 16.

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