Singer Norah Jones and producer/musician Danger Mouse are continuing their collab! The pair worked together on his 2011 released album, 'Rome,' on which she tracked some vocals. But they didn't stop there. The chemistry between the artists was so great that Jones further collaborated with Danger Mouse on her fifth studio album 'Little Broken Hearts,' which is due to drop this spring.

'Little Broken Hearts' features songs that both Jones and Danger Mouse co-penned. As a result, they've fused their disparate personal styles and the results is a unique and new sound. Gotta love when that happens.

Jones and Danger Mouse have an interesting back story that makes us believe in that whole "meant to be" phenom. He knew he wanted White Stripes frontman Jack White to collaborate with him on 'ROME' when he realized that Jones would actually be a perfect fit and would strike a balance, too. She sang on three songs on the album and during that period, she and Danger Mouse began to working on material that would eventually take shape and form  'Little Broken Hearts' songs.

They began to record in Los Angeles in the fall, and Jones and Danger Mouse share all the songwriting credits and performed the majority of instrumental parts: she tackled the keys bass and guitar, while he played drums, bass, guitars, keys and arranged the strings.

What a musical marriage! They almost sound like a couple, don't they?

Jones will also hit the road, as she plans to tour extensively in 2012. She will return to the Hollywood Bowl in L.A. on Aug. 10. She will also play the Kodak Hall at Eastman Theater in Rochester, New York, on June 29.