Pop rapper Flo Rida is everywhere, from live TV appearances to his own No. 1 hits on the radio to features on new songs by British pop stars like Olly Murs.

He's the hardest working man in mainstream rap, that's for sure, and his work with Murs on 'Troublemaker' is crazy catchy and fun. These guys have good, clean musical chemistry.

Flo lends his voice and signature groove to 'Troublemaker,' a lite, airy pop anthem that siphons from the 'N Sync school of pop. That is, it sounds like it could have been an 'N Sync song, even though that was a multi-person boy band and Murs is a solo act. It just has the same charming, effusive energy. It also reminds us a bit of Jason Mraz, if he was more pop-leaning.

When Murs croons, "Why does it feel so good but hurt so bad?," there is no answer. But it sure sounds good when he asks it. That's a philosophical question in life that can never be answered when it comes to love, but we love when pop stars explore that notion in a song.

'Troublemaker' also has a '70s, disco beat, but it's tempered by Murs' silky smooth tone and delivery. That is, it never sounds retro. It's absolutely modern, despite a backbeat from another sonic era.

The lyrical hook that features the title has us wanting to make trouble. And the addition of Flo, who is more pop than hood, gives the song that extra oomph, too.

Murs, with an assist from Flo, has delivered an uptempo pop delight.

Murs talked about how easy working with Flo was, and that translated into the breezy nature of the song. Prepare to be singing this one all through the winter.

Listen to Olly Murs 'Troublemaker' Feat. Flo Rida