The more we see of One Direction's upcoming music video for 'Steal My Girl,' the less sense it makes. With only three days to go before the video's official release, the band has posted two new teasers -- and, if they're anything to go by, we're definitely in for Something Great.

So far, all the teasers have focused on individual band members. The first teaser focused on Liam, while the next two center on Zayn and Harry, respectively. It's probably safe to assume the final two teasers will focus on Niall and Louis, though only time will tell which is released first.

The clip posted above has Danny DeVito saying only the word "mystery" to Zayn, and considering Zayn has long been labeled as the 'mysterious' one in the band, we guess it's at least semi-appropriate. The video takes a turn for the bizarre when we see Zayn sandwiched between two sumo wrestlers, almost getting knocked down as he chest bumps one.

If you were hoping today's (Oct. 21) teaser would lend some clarity to the increasingly confusing clips, you're in for some disappointment. Today's video shows Danny DeVito uttering a single word to Harry: "love." Whatever that means is clearly understood -- by everyone except us -- as Harry nods ever-so-slightly. The video then cuts to a scene with Harry standing at the forefront of the frame as a group of masked ballerinas hovers behind him. Check it out below!

We have no idea what's going on, but considering how great the guys look -- seriously, Harry, where did you get that leopard print coat!? -- we're pretty sure it doesn't matter. Bring on the video!

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