Owl City, aka Adam Young, is currently sharing the spotlight with Carly Rae Jepsen on the smash single 'Good Time.' However, Young recently found himself atop the Empire State Building for the first time ever for a photo shoot and press opportunities.

The Empire State Building is now the second tallest building in New York City as the Freedom Tower continues to rise in the spot once occupied by the fallen Twin Towers. But the ESB is both a landmark and emblematic of the city and its resilience, so naturally, Young had a keen perspective of his place in the universe.

"I have seen it in films, the Cary Grant film, I think," he told Artisan News about his earliest memories of the ESB. He has gone to the top and "can check it off my list now," he said. So he has one less thing to accomplish on the bucket list.

When asked how he felt while standing atop one of the most famous and massive skyscrapers of the equally famous and massive Manhattan skyline, Young said, "It's vast. I feel very small, in a good way." It certainly makes you see things in a unique way, we'll give him that!

In a good way and while having a 'Good Time,' to borrow a phrase, idea and melody from his latest hit.