Owl City has dropped a two-fer in the form of videos for his songs 'When Can I See You Again?' and 'Shooting Star.' It's double the fun with Owl City. So if you're a fan, the singer and Carly Rae Jepsen duet partner just made your day.

'When Can I See You Again?' is an upbeat dance track from the film 'Wreck-It Ralph' and it is an homage to old-school video games, as opposed to slick, sleek CGI play of today. Owl City (aka Adam Young) finds himself as a character in a video game, racking up the score, dancing around pieces of candy and hanging out with dancers with candy-colored wigs. Where is Katy Perry when you need her?

We want to play with Owl City! The video is the perfect mix of animation and live-action.

Watch the Owl City 'Shooting Star' Video

Owl City takes a decidedly different track in the video for 'Shooting Star.' No immersion into the pixelated world of classic video games here. Instead, he's playing his keyboard against the backdrop of a starry night and an urban skyline. It is mixed with plot footage, featuring a skateboarder and more. They're all children of the night, so to speak, while he tickles the ivories.