Owl City has a pretty inescapable collaboration with Carly Rae Jepsen, 'Good Time,' out right now -- but it's not the most anticipated duet Adam Young's done lately. The 'Fireflies' singer's collaboration with Blink-182's Mark Hoppus, a track called 'Dementia,' is garnering some serious buzz.

'Dementia' debuted on Owl City's 'Shooting Star' EP in early 2012, but will make a reappearance on 'The Midsummer Station.'

"It's definitely Blink-influenced," Young told MTV about the track. "I've been such a fan of what they do, what Blink's done since junior high. I'll have the CD on in the car, just randomly trying to memorize the lyrics, and that song will come on and I'm like, 'Oh, that's Mark Hoppus.' It sounds like an older B-side, rarity Blink track. It's so cool. It's such an honor."

Young also revealed that while working with Hoppus was humbling, the rocker still kept his trademark goofiness during the recording sessions. "I learned that it is possible to be at a level where Mark is at and still be incredibly genuine and incredibly real," Young gushed. "Because, first of all, I've never laughed so hard in the session 'cause the guy's so funny. But it was so cool and I've been such a nerdy Blink fan forever. I was like, 'There he is. He's in the studio and he's singing on my song. I can't believe it," Young sighed. "Totally a dream come true, it was awesome."

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